India, a nation teeming with diversity, has 50 % population within the age group of 30. India is a globally emerging economy because of its youth population. Among all other investment avenues, investment in the real estate is the key investment choice today. For a young earning population investing in the real estate sector creates a long-term wealth gain. Real estate becomes easy and transparent with online platforms, so it is easy to search, explore and buy property anywhere in the country.

Reasons why young India should invest in the realty sector:

  • Over the years real estate has been growing, and regarded one of the stable, reliable and trustable businesses in the country. The pace of urbanization is fuelling the growth for real estate so growth is inevitable and unstoppable.
  • Investment in real estate is, today, the best way to fulfill the dream of owning a home.
  • It fosters your post retirement planning. At times, post retirement expenses can be challenging despite having pension plans, fixed deposits and mutual funds.
  • Investment in Gold and fixed deposits yields low returns.
  • Investment in realty sector facilitates an opportunity to move from rent to ownership.
  • With minimum risk, investment or buying a property now offers a consistent 15-18% returns annually.
  • Purchased property can be given on lease or rental, as it also generates handsome income.
  • This is also the most popular to plan future liquidity.

Courtesy by :-> via Invest in Real Estate while you are still Young.


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